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Yes, In order to have media streaming capabilities you need to acquire our Small Business Or Corporate Packages: [1] Links: ------ [1]
Tomcat uses Commons Logging throughout its internal code allowing the developer to choose a logging configuration that suits their needs, e.g java.util.logging or Log4J. Commons Logging provides Tomcat the ability to log hierarchically across various l...
Turn safe mode off. The Procedure is as follows: 1) Log into Plesk Control Panel 2) Click on "Web Hosting Settings" button 3) At the bottom of the page look for PHP "Safe mode" option 4) Clear the check mark 5) Press OK
The VPN is available on all our VPSes; if you are willing to have the featured enabled on your VPS, please contact our support and inform them.
Yes you can, but you need to make sure that you choose a VPS package with higher RAM assigned.
Cirrus only supports applications listed in the "Application Vault" as they are part of the Application Packaging Standard. Please see the following link for more information: If you need any custom setups, we can do so...
- The SMTP hostname should be set as (replace with your hosted domain with Cirrus). - The sender email address must be an existing email account you created under your domain. (Error "551 Sender address is not valid for y...
Log into his Control Panel >> System >> ASP.NET Web Applications >> click on the icon next to the application's name.
If an application is not purchased through your application vault, such as Yum, we do not support it, but you can set it up at your own discretion.
We offer ASP Upload free of charge to our Shared Hosting Corporate clients. All other clients will have to pay an additional charge of $9.99 CND per month to have this feature installed.
Please follow these steps: 1. Log into your control panel 2. Under the "System" tab click on the icon "ColdFusion DS" and click "Add New ColdFusion DSN". 3. Specify the data source name and select the required dri...
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